Elisabeth Ratier / my ceramics


I have made pottery since 2003 in a nice parisian workshop in the Maris district. Near me , a Korean artist is often making sculptures of meditative young girls.

I see myself like a very different sort of girl : like this little girl of Emil Nolde, shaggy and obviously full of questions...

I began by stubbornly learning to throw and I copied all ceramic styles without exception.




After several years, I made somewhat by chance some little stars which looked like nothing, but I was almost suddenly certain these very little things were interesting -at last !-

I thought it was a good foundation for building a more coherent work in the future...

After some months of journeys, readings and musings, stars could crowd, stick ans combine with themselves.


"It's that I do that happens to me what I search" Pierre Soulages, a great french painter.



Now stars houses are born naturally and become houses of studies : these architectures evoke the millions of connexions and burstings which happen non-stop in our mind but also the unlimited ways of using our spirit.


"it would be necessary to increase houses of studies where it will be possible to meditate, to improve one's mind, to collect oneself, to learn some things, where one becomes better"


Victor Hugo defending culture budget at Parliament 1848


An empty space containing the sun, moon and stars and also the free flow of thoughts which doesn't leave an impression behind..."


Monk Hui Neng about 600


I will be happy if you feel like entering in these houses and stop for a few moments...


For seeing pictures, go on the page "Maisons d'étoiles, maisons d'études" and for seeing others parts of my production go on the other pages !